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Whom do you do it for?

Автор: _Garik_, 21 Март 2011 · 267 просмотров

I will say the word "almost", because I am only 99% sure.

Almost everything one does, he does for himself. Saying complements, giving advice, sharing knowledge, criticizing and so on.

I want to say that there are different levels of how we do things for ourselves: from some of the deeds one benefits straight away, from others - in near or far future, which could go as far, as many generations ahead.

The deepest and the most respected deed, in my opinion, is to sacrifice own life for a child, or, one might say, for the future of mankind. The shallowest ones would be: flattery, hypocrisy and, sometimes, suppressed reaction - when one thinks he should have done or said something, but he didn’t. Suppressed reaction comes down to one's view of the world and personal concepts of "good and bad". That's why I can only say "sometimes" and not "always".

Selfless good deeds :D

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