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Событие: GL333tC(Chiptune-Electro Trash-Breakcore-Dubstep)

в Мероприятия
Добавил: nerealnost, 12 Дек 2013

Дата: 14 Дек 2013 через 15 Дек 2013 (Продолжающееся событие)

Просмотр Темы Обсуждения nerealnost

Hello dear geeks, ravers, chipcore fans, dancers and simply happy people [if you are sad we will make you happy! :]
Welcome on board of our noiserave-microwave express!
It has landed in Tallinn for just a week after a year of sonic adventures in London and Berlin...leaving next week fo more...
It's mission is to lift your legs, thrash your ass and glitch your brain!

Video anons!!!

More info @ https://www.facebook...604183722968487

Microcobra-8bit videogamemusic(TLN)(microravebreakcore SET + live gameboy)
Barthol Lo Mejor DJ (electro, basscore)
OLIO_olio (differentcore)
Brisance https://soundcloud.com/brisance
YDDIK ( Live old drum mashines ) https://soundcloud.com/kiddy-2
Flakgun Smith [Electro-Trash-Bass] https://soundcloud.com/flakgunsmith

Visual noise:

Dress to glitch and join us for the 8bitmoshpit!

Entry: free
Your coins at the bar are more than welcome!
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