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31/07/2009 LOONEY TUNES @ Club Pilot

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#1 drunky-funky

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Отправлено 14 Июль 2009 - 00:19

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31.07.09 Friday Night
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Conflict & Mental -special dj set with only Prodigy tracks
Priit Lume, known as DJ Conflict in the drum'n'bass community, discovered underground dance music in the middle of the 1990's thanks to a legendary radio show on Radio 2 hosted by Raul Saaremets and Dr. Koit. Although his favorite playlists consisted mostly of hip-hop, breakbeat and hardcore tunes, drumnbass started to draw more and more of his attention after hearing a track called Ready Or Not remix. In the end of 1997 Conflict experienced his first rave. The way the magic and music was being created out of the grooves of vinyl left him with an unforgettable impression, and has fascinated him ever since. Less then a year after his first rave experience, Conflict began buying and spinning vinyls. This led him to his first performance as a DJ in Kuusalu at Haku Club. His mixes consist of hard-driving beats and deep sounds, that all come together with his perfect mixing skills, making Conflict without a doubt the lord of the Estonian dark drum'n'bass scene. When you hear his dark amen filled set you can easily see he is influenced by The Panacea, Evol Intent, Kemal & Rob Data, Technical Itch, Limewax and Noisia. After a year of Djing, he started experimenting in producing music, through his creativity he gave birth to the project, Twin Warriors. You can find an example of his creation in an Estonian drum'n'bass collection called Dynamu Bass, in the track Phibbs & Conflict - Cannon Fodder. Many of Conflicts unreleased tracks are still being played all over the world by several noted drumnbass DJs. In 2001 Conflict and Kaida started one of the biggest drum'n'bass event series in Estonia - The Lightning. Those seven events introduced the Estonian ravers top drum'n'bass dj's from all over the world: Andy C, Kemal + Rob Data, Dom & Roland, Panacea, Concord Dawn, Nicky Blackmarket, Trace and many more. In 2004 - 2005 he also hosted a drum'n'bass show called Showdown on Energy FM that soon became the most popular show on that radio station. As one of the best drum'n'bass DJs, he has performed on the same stage with many of his idols in numerous places all over Estonia and the Baltic States.

VXN (lift,biocodes)

Agnese is a drumandbass DJ already for 8 years and she have played in almost every club and festival in Eastern Europe - Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania..
Besides that her hobbie already since age of 17 has been a promoting different electronic music events. In Latvia were organized the most quality drumandbass events together with Bio.codes crew, and Estonia she is running outstanding monthly event - Lift, providing to local scene to hear more experimental and intelligent side of drumandbass from all over the world.

Radioshow Bio-ritmi by Bio-codes crew:
"Vxn is talent of the new generation, one of the few latvian dj..s with respectable taste in music, gives excelent example as a target what to achieve for other young djs"

-Philo(Brokend Mindz,lift)
-HardTechno & Redline(bass kick,biohazard crew)

special ticket price: 25eek

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#2 Vadimka


    life goes on :)

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Отправлено 16 Июль 2009 - 00:05

чую днб там не подкачает =)

special dj set with only Prodigy tracks - это интересно, еще ни разу под продиджи не зарубался целый сет)))
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Хочешь быть ветром? Дуй нафиг отсюда =)

#3 drunky-funky

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Отправлено 16 Июль 2009 - 01:12

v Chillout Room budet pokaz legendarnqx Looney Tunes multikov =)
veselimsa ! :D :D

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#4 drunky-funky

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Отправлено 28 Июль 2009 - 21:08


23:00 - 23:45 Hardtechno b2b Redline
23:45 - 0:30 Philo (broken mindz)
0:30 - 2:00 Conflict b2b Mental ++ special dj set with only Prodigy tracks
2:00 - 3:00 VXN
3:00 - 4:00 VXN b2b Chaozlevel
4:00 - 5:00 Stegee

support by mc Kiddy
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#5 EXZEm

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Отправлено 30 Июль 2009 - 15:25

Лучше бы Conflict b2b Mental технойд играли бы ! :@

А еще и MC добавили, вообще бред :(
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