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Faliture - sequrity options

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Отправлено 09 Январь 2010 - 11:14

Комп жутко тормозит и если терпеливо дождаться конца тормозов, то либо отвисает либо показывает окно с ошибкой Faliture - sequrity options. Vista. Ктонить сталкивался? Переставлять винду не предлагайте, сам об этом уже думал.
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#2 Punky06

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Отправлено 09 Январь 2010 - 15:01

единственное решение, которое смог найти в нете. А так много у кого такая проблема, но решения нет.

After trying everything I found on the net, I did some extra research and finally it worked.

start windows on safe mode, press start and type 'msconfig' in the search/run box. go to the services tab, find the service 'superfetch' and uncheck the box next to it. Click OK and restart normally (If you have exactly the same problem I had - this should fix it).

start windows on safe mode, press start and type 'msconfig' in the search/run box. go to the services tab and click 'disable all'. Go to the 'startup' tab and click 'disable all'. Restar windows normally. If everything seems to be OK (many applications will not work now, and you will not have sound, but the important thing is that the initial problem is fixed), you just have to find which of the services or startup items is the culprit.
the quickest way is to check half of the options every time: check all the startup items and restart - if that's OK, they are all good, and the culprit is one of the services, otherwise - one of the startup items is to blame. So now we know if it's a service or a startup item.
Lets' assume it's a service (the process is the same for each of the options). Enable all the startup items and HALF of the services, to if the bad one is in the first half of the list or the second. From here on you need to keep narrowing your search, of of the bad section each time, until you find the one bad service...

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