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Ibiza Club
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Отправлено 22 Февраль 2011 - 15:17

Заголовок: 26/02/2011 TEHNOFOOBIA - PaavoU's 45th B-Day SPECTACULARRRRRR
Автор: Ibiza Club
Дата: 26 Февраль 2011 (Разовое)

Alright then!
Ever saw a REALLY old guy play techno? Yea me neither!
Anyway you should really come over and witness this sour from life, hand shaking, muttering, mean old fella play techno.
Old people need support.

Anyhow lots fun ahead! Its Paavo's B-Day and the floors are rocking 45 times has hard that night!
Like usual the whole Tehnofoobia team is on the set


But this time we got sum surprises for you ;)
For example an awesome laser installation from faaaar faar behind the mounts and them forests. The savage, called Nigel, will take his tribes laser installments and will prolly pop your eye out with them. No worrys tho it wont hurt..much!
www.laserf-x.com fore more on thisone ;)

Also the fist 45 to step over the door and shake Paavos hand will receive a heart warming, mind blasting free drink!
Also surprises from bubly-balloony-teachnoy-danceiy-feeling-euforia-y? variety!

Cure 3 eur

NB! Flowers, cakes and gifts wont be necessary, but would be highly appreciated. Naaaa i dont care really suit yrself!

See ya there! ;)


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