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вышел мой релиз на @ Sociopath Recordings (8bit music)

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Отправлено 25 Сентябрь 2011 - 09:53

OUT NOW! HEllo RoBots / New 8bit Release

Microcobra - Barbara Brylska Likes Rave ChiptuNES

… Sergey is the musician of the micro-music style.
His project he has started in summer 2008.
He is composing mainly 8-bit music. He is very energetic,
he is playing his music fervently.
In his creative work he unites childish joy
and bits supplementing this coctail with phrases from famous films and cartoons.
He is experementing with blips and joins 8-bit sounds with different styles.
He also composes different remakes. By 2009 he starts to perform his music in Tallinn.
There were different performances in 2009-2010.
During this time he has composed 4 albums and has taken part in various projects.
In 2011 he is going to present his 5th album!Sociopath Recordings presents

Info&listen: http://sociopath-rec...ra-brylska.html
direct download: http://www.archive.o...5/SRmp3_225.zip
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