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Clear-Coat, Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Protection


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Продается новая, Clear-Coat, Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen protection:

Benefits of Clear-Coat
The Galaxy S3 is a perfect balance of design and functionality. First, you've got a 4.8-inch high-definition super AMOLED touch screen, and with 4G speeds, browsing the internet is lightning fast. Second, the wonderfully ergonomic design of this device allows it to fit perfectly in your hand. So, one might ask, why cover this work of art with an awkward plastic case? You shouldn't! Wrap your Galaxy S3 with our custom engineered Clear-Coat film, it's razor thin and crazy strong, so you can keep your device protected and beautiful at the same time.

    • Invisibly Scratch-Proof your Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Utilizes Patented Thin-Film Technology

    • Choose an Option...
    • Easy to Install
    • Works with Touchscreens

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