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Bullet Time NeuroFunk Crew From Estonia

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Пока никто не отвечал в этой теме...

#1 BT Promotions

BT Promotions
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Отправлено 24 Февраль 2015 - 16:24

Listen : https://www.mixcloud....ed-by-illstep/

1.Time (Menfort rmx) by Agressor Bunx
2.Haphazard (Original Mix) byDose
3.The Covenant (Original Mix) by Droptek
4.Under Pressure by Loadstar
5.Messin with My Mind (The Prototypes Remix) by Five Knives
6.Extrasolar by Neonlight
7.Buckwild (Bro Safari & UFO Remix) by Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo
8.Black Light (Original Mix) by The Sect
9.Above Earth by Chris.SU & State Of Mind
10.Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix) by Forbidden Society
11.Deep Probe (Original Mix) by Code3x
12.Heartshaped by Optiv & BTK & Black Sun Empire
13.Intrude by Optiv & BTK & Mindscape
14.Wires (Audio Remix) by Hostage
15.The Drop (TREI Remix) [feat. Cherri Voncelle] by Lethal Bizzle
16.Phase Align by Fourward
17.Heartvalve (VIP) by Woody
18.Take My Desire (Original Mix) by Trippcore feat. Envolve
19.Air DnB (Original Mix) by Mage

Listen : https://www.mixcloud....4-special-mix/

Tracklist :
1.Heads Up by Audio
2.Above Earth by Chris SU & State Of Mind
3.Vitreous by Phace
4.Precursor (Mefjus remix) by Emperor
5.ID - ID
6.Stampede (original mix) by Audio
7.ID - ID
8.Arboria by NC 17 & KC
9.ID - ID
10.Flash Forward by Six Blade
11.Borg by Original Sin
12.Mr Happy by DJ Hazard
13.Back For More by Original Sin
14.Destroid 6 Put It Down by Excision & Bassnectar
15.Grim Reaper by Sinister Souls


Listen : https://www.mixcloud....xed-by-infrag/

Tracklist :
1.ID - ID
2.The Editor (feat Strategy) by Dub Phizix
3.ID - ID
4.Sloe Gin (dub Phizix remix) by Dream Mclean
5.The Cleaner VIP by Hybris
6.Mesmer by Fre4knc
7.Full Circle by Rockwell
8.ID - ID
9.Pyramids by Hybris, Nocturnal
10.Tropopause by Loxy,& Resound
11.Natty (feat Gremlinz) by Friske
12.ID - ID
13.Idlers by Resound
14.Nibiru by Gremlinz, Ahmad
15.Fall Back (feat Stapleton) by Audio
16.Full Measure by Fre4knc
17.Precursor (Mefjus remix) by Emperor
18.Trackball by Nymfo
19.Beastbox (feat MAASK) by Fre4knc, Maask, Minor Rain
20.Back Again by Rockwell


Listen : https://www.mixcloud....ed-by-illstep/

Tracklist :
1.Funk Me by oneBYone
2.Duck For Cover by Break
3.Untouched World by oneBYone
4.Homage (Back To You) by Stealth
5.Savages (Original mix) by Mob Tactics
6.Must Eat (Original Mix) by Zombie Cats & Mefjus
7.Moments of Truth (Original mix) by Zombie Cats
8.Mirror Mirror (Original Mix) by Mob Tactics
9.Vortex by Cynematic
10.Fear (feat. Mute The News) by Noya, Mute The News


Listen : https://www.mixcloud....ixed-by-pfour/

Tracklist :
1.Running Man by Original Sin&Koo
2.Oh Oh by Noisia
3.Out of the void by Heamy
4.Photone Recruits (Phace remix) by Rawtekk
5.Blind Summit by Volatile Cycle
6.The Devil's Signature by Dead Battery
7.Break and Enter by Volatile Cycle
8.Helios by State Of Mind


Listen : https://www.mixcloud....udio-live-mix/

Tracklist :
1.Dead Man Walking by Freqax & Sinister Souls
2.Feel The Core (Hallucinator remix) by Mystification
3.Under The Radar (VIP mix) by Evol Intent
4.Break & Go by Subtension
5.Bloody Knuckles by Complex
6.War Room by Dusty
7.Gully by Frankee
8.ID - ID
9.Moscow by The Prototypes
10.Don't Stop by Divine Elements
11.Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire
12.Faced With The Unknown by Document One
13.M Theory (Audio remix) by Maztek
14.Get Up (Mr Frenkie remix) by Dom & Roland
15.Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK remix) by Mindscape
16.Circuit by Bowsar, Double Helix
17.Wraith (feat BTK) by Maztek
18.Hyperbolic by Bowsar, Double Helix
19.Being Human by Silent Witness
20.Fire by Dub Berzerka & Okey
21.ID - ID
22.Time Express (Future Engineers remix) by Electrosoul System
23.Pop Up by Heamy
24.Cyborg by Brainpain
25.Return Of Ardo by Gancher, Ruin, CA2K
26.Black Hole (Crawler vip) by Death & Crawler
27.Ego by State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire
28.Exploration by Prolix & Rido
29.Highly Efficient Machine by Freqax & Damage Inc
30.Deranged by Gancher & Ruin
31.Bronson's Fists by Freqax
32.Crowd Surfer (original mix) by Cooh & Counterstrike
33.ID - ID
34.Buyoner by Tobax
35.Modus (Calyx & Teebee remix) by Foreign Beggars, Alix Perez
36.Vitreous by Phace
37.Duckbill by Qkhack, Ice Stereo
38.Godzilla by Detail
39.Swordplay by Jack The Ripper
40.Boss (feat MC Rafta) by Kitcha
41.Ultron by Audio
42.Aphanite (feat InsideInfo) by Maztek

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