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automatix for unbuntu kubuntu ebuntu

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Отправлено 11 Март 2006 - 19:55

Please scroll down for installation instructions of Automatix.

Important Note: Please DO NOT run synaptic while running automatix

Please DO NOT click on update-notifier if it appears while running automatix.

Please note: To remove softwares installed by automatix, visit the following thread:

If u are behind a proxy and cannot get automatix to work read this post

Automatix updated to version 5.6
New features in version 5.6:
a) some permission related issues resolved
B) extra dep added to avidemux installation
c) Mercury Messenger Installation added (Java based MSN client with webcam support)


This is a graphical interface for installation of a lot of apps on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu BREEZY (DOES NOT WORK ON Warty, Hoary or Dapper) and for tweaking a few things to get your Ubuntu box up and working in full throttle in the quickest possible timespan.

a) Shoots up xterm for full debug info (giving u a good idea about the status of your download , changes being made to your system, etc)
B) deletes all downloaded files (except those downloaded by apt-get) automatically after installation.
c) automatix does not overwrite anything without making a date_and_time_based backup.
d) When u install a new version of automatix, it automatically uninstalls and replaces the last version.
e) Automatix will refuse to run if user has synaptic/update-manager/apt-get/dpkg running and will exit gracefully.
f) Automatix will give the user the option to restore his/her original sources.list after finishing all installations.

Please note: Options 34 to 42 require manual intervention and clicking and hence have been taken to the end. The first 32 options install without any user input (if u choose to install them).

1) Installs multimedia codecs
2) Installs all Firefox plugins (java, flash, etc) (except Adobe reader and mplayer)
3) Installs RAR, ACE and UNRAR archive support
4) Installs skype
5) Installs Acrobat reader 7 and firefox plugin for the same.
6) Installs Gnomebaker (CD/DVD burning s/w for GNOME)
7) Installs gftp (FTP client for GNOME with ssh capability)
8) Installs Amule (File sharing program)
9) Installs Frostwire (GPL clone of Limewire)
10) Installs multimedia editors (Audacity (audio), Kino (video), EasyTag (ID3))
11) Installs DVD (dvdrip) ripper
12) Installs Mplayer and mplayerplug-in version 3.05 for Firefox
13) Installs totem-xine, Realplayer, VLC and Beep Media Player (with docklet)
14) Installs Opera Browser
15) Installs Debian Menu (shows all installed applications) (this kills and restarts your gnome-panel without warning u but its a completely harmless operation!)
16) Installs Bittornado and Azureus (Bittorrent clients)
17) Installs Avidemux (Video editing tool) (New version 2.1.0)
18) Enables Numlock on (turns numlock on Gnome startup)
19) Installs Programming Tools (Anjuta (C/C++ IDE), Bluefish (HTML editor) and Screem (Web Development Env.))
20) Install GnomePPP (Graphical Dial up connection tool)
21) Installs MS true type fonts
22) Configures ctrl-alt-del to start gnome-system-monitor (aka windows)
23) Installs Streamripper and Streamtuner
24) Installs NON-FREE audio and dvd codecs
25) Installs ndisgtk (WiFi configurator Graphical user interface)
26) Upgrades Open Office to 2.0 (final version), installs openoffice clipart and installs OO2 thumbnailer.
27) Adds 3 nautilus scripts (open any file with gedit as root; open a nautilus window as root in any folder; open gnome search tool in any folder (Right click in a nautilus window and look under "scripts")
28) Installs SUN'S JAVA JRE version 1.5
29) Installs SUN'S JAVA JDK version 1.5
30) Installs wine (u need to run winecfg manually after installation)
31) Enables ejection of CD when CDROM drive button is pressed.
32) Installs AMSN 0.95 (MSN client with webcam support)
33) Installs Mercury Messenger (Java based MSN client with webcam support)
34*) Installs firestarter (GNOME firewall frontend) and adds firestarter to GNOME startup
35*) installs gdesklets (GNOME eyecandy) and adds gdesklets to GNOME startup
36*) Gamepads (Makes USB gamepads work)
37*) Turns DMA ON on Intel and AMD machines (needs a restart)
38*) NVIDIA cards (Detects Nvidia cards and installs drivers) (Needs a restart)
39*) Adds midi capability to your Ubuntu box (test by playing a midi file with timidity or pmidi from terminal)
40*) Installs Firefox and its plugins(themes and extensions are not retained, bookmarks need to be copied from backup folder)
41*) Installs Mozilla-Thunderbird 1.5 (US-only version) (no support for non-US-english language packs and enigmail)
42*) Fixes Gnome sound related issues (ALSA and ESD config) (needs a restart) (ONLY FOR GNOME! NOT TO BE USED ON KDE/XFCE)

* --> These options require manual intervention and clicking. Please stand by!


Installation Instructions:

To install Automatix in Ubuntu do the following from terminal(one line at a time, pressing enter after each step):


wget http://beerorkid.com...ix_5.6_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i automatix_5.6_i386.deb

To install Automatix in Kubuntu/Xubuntu do the following (one line at a time, pressing enter after each step):


sudo apt-get install xterm libglade2-0 libgnomecanvas2-0
wget http://kambing.vlsm....buntu1_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i zenity_2.12.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb
wget http://www.beerorkid...ix_5.6_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i automatix_5.6_i386.deb

Automatix gets installed in Applications--> System Tools (GNOME)
and in main menu-->System (KDE/XFCE)

To run Automatix from terminal simply do:


To uninstall Automatix, do the following from terminal:


sudo apt-get remove automatix
Howto remember which options In Automatix u have already checked in the past : Open terminal and type


cat $HOME/automatix.log

1) keyes (for showing the way)
2) edm00se (for creating the Automatix icon)
3) beerorkid for hosting Automatix
4) QettoE for hosting amsn 0.95 and thunderbird 1.5 debs
5) All bug testers

A BIG WOOT to beerorkid for hosting Automatix!

Please report all bugs to me directly (send me private messages) or post here in this thread.
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