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HousePlanet DJ Poll 2009 - Vote for your favorite DJ/Producer in 2009!

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#1 awex777

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Отправлено 08 Ноябрь 2009 - 20:11

Please Vote for your favorite DJ/Producer 2009 in HousePlanet DJ Poll!


1 vote from 1 IP address (all addresses are logged). Results in a real time. The voting will end on 1st January 2010. Support your favorite DJ! You can see results only after your voting. Please spread the word about our poll!
After DJMag TOP 100 DJ poll results were revealed, HousePlanet gives you an opportunity to decide who is the best in EDM for our visitors. You can choose from the wide list of the most popular DJs/producers (~350 nominees). The voting is very simple. No registration, just select the artist from the list and click vote. You can select only 1 person and vote only once from 1 IP address. The voting results are shown in a real time. We will end our poll on 1st January 2010. So you have almost 2 months to decide.
HousePlanet DJ Poll is mainly for house music artists, but also you can find many trance DJs in this list. Almost all best DJs are presented there, even some heavy weighters like Moby, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Underworld, Basement Jaxx etc. So it's only up to you who deserve to be The Best! The voting is available on every page of HousePlanet!
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#2 Snegovik

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Отправлено 11 Ноябрь 2009 - 19:38

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