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#1 Ibiza Club

Ibiza Club
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Отправлено 05 Декабрь 2011 - 16:48

Заголовок: 10/12/2011 TEHNOFOOBIA @ IBIZA
Автор: Ibiza Club
Дата: 10 Декабрь 2011 (Разовое)

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The end of year 2011, relax! It's not that bad. The only sad thing is that this
will be the last Tehnofoobia EVER ... this year.
The secret society of the ancient-egypt-tehnopolians​ actually predicted this.
We just didn't listen, now its here.
Anyhow as usual we have prepared some AWESOME music for you which always sounds the best at club Ibiza.
Oh and umm ... Santa said that he will be coming, but he was drunk tho so can't say for sure :) If i see any gnomes there tho then i for one will step on em!

The walls will be shaken by: PaavoU, Unjoyer, PoDer and
1.an.R ( a special guest from faaar faar away ) [not that far actually]

The drinks will be shaken by the awesome bar crew of Ibiza club

The door will be shaken by the ultracool security guys

And too drunk boyfriends will be shaken by theire angry girlfriends!

*** As a special treat this time Tehnofoobia will be featuring ***

Cool thing about them is that if you see them on the street you can just
ask a FREE TICKET or stickers or other Tehnofoobia stuff from them.
Don't be shy now ;)
For more info on that matter see www.facebook.com/​tehnofoobia
Or just turn your computer upside down and look behind it. Might find some info there.

Cure: 3eur

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